Why and How to Invest with LCCC

Current Investment Opportunities

Castlefield Community Centre: Please see prospectus

LCCC offers you a unique opportunity for you to invest in the local installation of energy saving and generation equipment into our community buildings (e.g. schools, churches, youth clubs and village halls) & other sites. As an investor in LCCC, you will be able to see your money in action every day in the community buildings you use - reducing operating costs and carbon emissions too.

You can buy shares in LCCC, which is an Industrial Provident Society (IPS), on which you receive a reasonable return (of the order of 3 - 5% pa interest). SEIS or EIS tax relief may be available. We have the financial discipline of a company, but the equal ownership structure of a co-operative. We think this IPS co-operative structure will appeal to those of you who may not have considered this type of investment before. Because it is a returnable investment, and you get a reasonable interest on it, experience shows that supporters feel able to invest much more than if it were just a charitable gift.

Please see our Investors' Guide giving general information about investing in LCCC. When we are actively seeking investors for a particular project or group of projects, we will notify this to all Members, and will advertise in the Newsletter and in the About Us section of this website. You can then ask for the full detailed prospectus, which is a legal document complying with FCA rules.

Even if we are not seeking investors for specific projects, you can invest the minimum 50 shares and become a Member, with the benefits that membership provides.