Our Membership and How to Join

Being a Co-operative means we are owned by our members. The people running this co-op are members and volunteers. Are you interested in helping your community become more energy efficient? Do you have skills and time that could help us run the organisation? Would you like to help?

We currently have over 20 members from all over the Chilterns area; we seek more. Becoming a member of LCCC is the best way of getting involved. You can then:

  • Be kept informed of what we are doing

  • Get involved with our activities

  • Invest in the low energy saving and generation schemes carried out by LCCC

  • Attend general meetings and vote on decisions about the management and direction of LCCC.

Once we have recommended energy improvements to a community building, one key role is for a local LCCC member to act as an ‘Energy Friend’ to that building committee, This means acting as liaison between them and LCCC experts, and helping them follow through on implementing the proposals. See News for information on areas where we currently need new members for this.

All members are welcome to come to our Management Committee meetings, which take place about once a month. This is a good way of meeting other people in the Chilterns interested in low carbon matters, and of seeing how your skills and interests can fit into what we are doing.

Membership costs £1 per year, and we ask you for a one-off subscription of £50 for 50 shares in LCCC at the same time. Our membership year runs from January to December, but members joining after 1 July do not have to pay the following year’s membership fee.

Please see our Membership Brochure [PDF]

If you want to join us, please download the above, complete and return the included membership form.

Or, if you want more information first, please call us on 01494 581925 or send a message via the Contact page.