Lending you a hand

…helping building owners and managers to save money and energy...

heat loss illustrationCommunity buildings – such as village halls, community centres, youth centres, schools and religious buildings – are an important part of community life. As well as proving space for meetings and activities, they are often a key element in the local social landscape and are cherished by the local community. However these buildings can also be old, uncomfortable for users, expensive to run and wasteful on energy by today’s standards.

Experience shows that most buildings have some 'Quick Wins' to be made - things that are easy to do and save energy and money straight away. Look at this 'Quick Wins' list to see if any apply to you. If you need help with trying the ideas, please contact us.

Working together

Most buildings have larger opportunities for improvement too. This is where Low Carbon Chilterns Cooperative can help even more. We can survey your building, prepare an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and make proposals for energy improvements. Once you have decided on a programme of works, LCCC can assist you with both managing and financing the process.

Finally, when the improvements are evident, we can work with you and your members to help them carry out their own energy improvements.

Come on board

We encourage anybody involved in community buildings to become a member of LCCC. This will help you keep in touch with our activities in the Chilterns. And of course, we are looking for buildings that can benefit from a complete energy makeover. The new investment will make your community building or school cheaper to run and more comfortable to be in.

Would you like your community building like to benefit from this? If so, download our full building manager's brochure and this short survey form.

To submit the survey, you can print off the form, complete it by hand and return to us by post or by scanning and emailing it.